Category: Remote access
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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A freeware Remote Administration Tool, capable of realizing computer management from another device, i.e. remotely. DarkComet is a software that allows you to monitor your computer from a remote location, all in stealth mode. In most cases, the application is used for dishonest surveillance of some users of the Internet. Using this program can easily bypass the protection of the built-in firewall, but anti-virus programs installed additionally often recognize the process as a virus and block it, or report it to the user. The use of this program without the elementary basics of security on the Internet is undesirable. For personal use it is better to use Ammyy Admin or TeamViewer


due to the extended access to the computer, you can edit the registry of the Windows operating system, as well as select and disable unnecessary auto downloads at system startup. Full control of the personal computer using VNC, and create screenshots. Full access to the device's microphones is also available, and you can even get an image from the webcam and run the keylogger as well. However, the keylogger does not work correctly on devices with Cyrillic layout, so it is almost useless to use this feature. The latest DarkComet updates added a clipboard monitoring function, as well as the ability to get all the information about the computer's hardware. Also, the user can perform a remote shutdown or reboot, and access to the computer will be preserved when it is turned on again.

Graphical component

It is very convenient to use the functionality described earlier. The user does not need to know programming languages, everything is shown in a clear working window. The window shows IP addresses belonging to the victim, as well as complete information about the system load, free RAM, CPU load. For quickness of work, a context menu is made, called by right-clicking on the desired IP. Lightweight interface will reveal to users all its potential. But for most of the decisive factor will be the lack of Russification.

Main features

  • provides full access to the remote computer;
  • bypasses the protection of the built-in Firewall;
  • fast management of connected computers;
  • friendly interface.
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