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Acer Crystal Eye

Acer Crystal Eye
Category: Webcams
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Acer Crystal Eye is a computer utility for Windows-based devices. With this program the user can ensure the correct functioning of the built-in webcam in Acer laptops. There is functionality for recording clips and creating images.

Installing the program

After downloading the utility, the user will need to unpack the archive. To do this, you can use a specialized program, for example, WinRAR. After the user finishes this process, he will need to open the installer. At the same time, it should be run as an administrator. When the installation of the computer program is complete, the user will be left to reboot his laptop. Then it will be possible to use all the functions of the utility. It should be noted that if an older version of the application has already been installed on the device, it should be uninstalled before installing a new one.


With the help of the utility, the user can get a picture from his webcam, which is built into a branded notebook from Acer. In addition, the program allows you to take photos and shoot video clips. In the program parameters you can set the resolution for images and videos. It should be noted that the maximum quality of the picture from the webcam depends on its model. The user can also choose the image saturation and brightness. The user can record clips and shoot images not only from the built-in webcam. The available functionality allows you to create screenshots of the screen and record what is happening on it. This will come in handy for recording video instructions or the gameplay of a computer video game.


  • Free utility for Acer branded laptops;
  • Create images and video clips;
  • Support for newer versions of computer OC;
  • Ability to capture images from the built-in webcam;
  • Noise reduction mode available.
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