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Directum is an indispensable element of functioning of any corporate system. Equipped with a module of machine learning and automated work, the program is able to sort documents independently, which simplifies further work with them. The main task of Directum itself is to document management, as well as work with the establishment and fulfillment of corporate tasks at all levels.

Work with projects

The work of any company is based on the fulfillment of tasks within individual projects. And to simplify the process of describing tasks and assigning authority, everything happens within a single utility. Each employee has access to Directum, where he can see his project and the function within it. Thus, it is possible to perform delegation of authority, as well as instant adaptation to the current situation. Also attached to the work with projects is the function of automatic creation of templates for documents and sorting of files using machine learning. In this way, they are arranged according to the degree of importance, which is determined based on the situation. In addition, Directum is able to automatically determine the responsible for this or that task, giving him the authority without the participation of a person.


The program also allows you to set up interaction between one or several departments. For this purpose, there are functions of holding meetings, as well as the formation of business trips and other activities required to fulfill the tasks. To additional functions can be attributed: the presence of a customer base, analyzing sales and the effectiveness of the chosen strategy. But all this can not be used by every employee.

Main features

  • The program performs the task of optimizing corporate processes;
  • There are project management functions, advanced document management, automatic sorting of files, holding meetings and even working with analytics;
  • You can work with emails right inside the application;
  • Tight integration with other software products.
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