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Category: Other (System)
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 445


ActivInspire is a computer-based electronic presentation editor for Windows devices. Users have access to an extensive toolkit. There is the ability to add images, adjust the scale, write text, customize the slide background and much more. The utility is developed by a company that sells interactive whiteboards, speakers, routers and other equipment.

Using the program

This program is not fully free. Initially, users receive a trial version, which can be used for two months. After that, you will need to buy a license. The developers of the utility recommend using the program together with branded products. First of all, the interactive whiteboard. The utility has an intuitive interface, which simplifies the development of electronic presentations and interactive classes. The functionality of the program gives a wide range of tools with which users can arrange surveys among the audience and much more.

Available features

After the user opens the editor, he/she will find the first slide of the future presentation in front of him/her. Initially it will be blank. The user can add any graphic elements to the slides, including images, video clips, tables, graphs, formulas, and more. It is also allowed to create text captions. As a result, the user can develop a test for students, an interesting report on any topic and so on. The program contains a number of ready-made layouts. Their application will speed up the process of creating an electronic presentation.


  • A demo version for two months is available;
  • Advanced editor for developing presentations;
  • Compatible with the latest versions of computer OC;
  • Ability to add graphic content to slides.
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