VR Chat

VR Chat
Category: Other (Communication)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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This addition to your virtual reality collection allows you to chat in a chat room created in a three-dimensional world. Functions on almost any smartphone and on any VR glasses. VR Chat is not only entertainment, but also live communication with people from all over the world, virtual reality lovers will download and appreciate it. A lot of opportunities to create your own characters - avatars allow you to personalize your personality in virtual society, as well as communicate with other characters on any topic of interest.

How communication takes place in a chat room

This is not exactly a regular social network, VR Chat allows you to wander through various rooms that are also created by users. In addition to various acquaintances and making friends, here you can create your own personal rooms and invite your acquaintances there. In case of inaccessibility or unwillingness to communicate by voice in the application provides and the usual text communication, with the ability to send attachments in the form of files or archives, as well as if desired and necessary, sending video files. It is convenient to do training in foreign languages, because live communication is the best learning, memorizing pronunciation from a native speaker.

Device requirements

It can be installed and run on almost any mobile device with Android operating system version 4.4 or higher. Absolutely no professional virtual glasses or helmet is required, it works perfectly even on homemade or cheapest virtual glasses. The smartphone is inserted into the glasses holder and the VR Chat journey begins as soon as the app is launched and the login with login and password is performed. For better performance and display quality, it is advisable to use smartphones of the latest models with more RAM and processor frequency.

Features of the application

  • Requires pre-registration to use the chat;
  • Works on any devices with at least 4.4 version of Android installed;
  • Helps in acquiring new acquaintances and friends in different parts of the world;
  • Helps not only with gaining buddies, but also in learning foreign languages from native speakers;
  • You can create and edit your own locations;
  • You can edit and create a character that will be seen by other VR Chat users;
  • Does not require expensive devices to run the app;
  • Distributed for free, no hidden fees, under free software license.

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