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YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader
Category: Download managers
System: Android 3.0
Program Status: Free
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YouTube Downloader is a program designed to search and download any video files located on YouTube. You will not need to register or log in through your account.

How it works

You cannot log in to your account through this application. YouTube Downloader allows you to find videos using keywords and download them to your device. The program does not allow you to go to the "Watch Later" section, this software does not provide this. But instead, there are many additional features that allow you to filter search queries. The user has the ability to sort the results by their duration (short, long), extension (3D, 4K, etc.), by time of addition (last hour, day, week).


An important advantage is that YouTube Downloader allows you to save videos in different formats, for example, if you save a video in 144p or 240p, it can be converted to 3GP format. In addition, you can save videos in WebM or MP4 format. And there is also a possibility to select a sound track from the clip and record it as a separate sound in MP3 format. A useful addition is previewing and sending the necessary video using SSH.

Useful functionality

The presented program works on all Android-based mobile devices. The developers have endowed YouTube Downloader with a pleasant interface and high-quality graphics. From the positive, it is worth noting the ability to divide the downloaded file into blocks, which increases the speed of downloading, and you can also enable automatic playback of the clip at the end of downloading, but this is available only if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Main features

  • YouTube Downloader is designed for downloading videos from YouTube.
  • The necessary video can be found by keywords.
  • It is possible to separate the audio track from the video and save it in MP3 format.
  • Many additional filters when searching for video files.
  • When saving a clip, you can select the required format.
  • Video is downloaded in batches, which improves download speed.
  • Can work on a tablet or smartphone with Android operating system of current versions.
  • Nice and simple menu.
  • High-quality and beautiful graphics.
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