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Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar
Category: Recording
System: Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Xbox Game Bar is a Windows application that allows you to add a customizable game bar to your desktop. It allows you to use convenient and useful overlays with flexible customization. Separately, you can display widgets to show the current CPU load and RAM utilization. The list of supported functions is extensive. You can adjust the volume level during the game, connect to game communities, record video from the screen, take screenshots, conveniently communicate with friends during the game and much more.


After installation, a control panel and several standard overlays are added to the desktop. You can form a set of desired modules, customize them and place them in a convenient area on the display.


The program provides several types of widgets for different tasks. It is possible to constantly monitor the load on various PC nodes, which is often useful when using modern games that are very demanding on the hardware. The information is constantly updated and displayed in the form of visual graphs. Another overlay allows you to take screenshots and automatically save video to a file. It is possible to control an external microphone. This feature is used by many streamers for the subsequent publication of content. Other components allow you to display a news feed, interact with various game communities, communicate with friends. There is an opportunity to quickly share your new achievements with other users.


  • The application allows you to add various widgets to your desktop;
  • the ability to monitor the current load on the "iron" of the computer;
  • support for external devices;
  • screen video recording mode;
  • connection to gaming communities with the ability to correspond with friends;
  • the utility is compatible only with Windows 10;
  • distributed free of charge.
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