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Smart Driver Anti-Radar

Smart Driver Anti-Radar
Category: Traffic radars
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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A practical radar capable of alerting the driver to the imminent arrival of traffic police and speed cameras, as well as acting as a video recorder. Smart Driver is an indispensable assistant to drivers in modern conditions. Its functional characteristics. The application is designed to minimize the risks of getting into conflict situations with representatives of the traffic police and in time to identify the imminent appearance of cameras for registration of offenses. It is necessary to remember to observe the sense of proportion and not to use the program to your detriment. The application will provide a timely warning to drivers about the imminent approach of equipment that records the facts of exceeding the maximum allowed speed, devices that control the movement of lanes and exit to the side of the road, cameras that record the passage of the forbidden traffic signal, the appearance in the near future stationary and mobile posts of traffic police, cameras on tripods. In case of approaching one of these objects, Smart Driver Anti-Radar will give full information about the type of device the driver is approaching and prompt about possible violations that can be avoided. In addition, the application will give the necessary information about the current speed of the vehicle and what distance separates the driver from the "source of danger". You will also have the opportunity to make video recording when using this program even if you do not have a regular video recorder in your car.

Operating Features

Smart Driver Anti-Radar does not have to be permanently connected to the network, which is a positive point. At the same time, when used in offline mode, it is required to download the database of available road hazards to this program. Smart Driver will not allow for hazard updates at intervals greater than a weekly period of time for users who have not installed the updated Pro version.

Brief information about the application

  • is designed for timely warning of approaching cameras of various types;
  • determining the distance to the nearest checkpoint or video camera;
  • provides the possibility of autonomous operation in case of preliminary downloading of information about dangers to the internal memory of the device;
  • can perform video recording of events;
  • provides economical use of battery power on the portable device;
  • compatibility with all versions of Android.
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