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CNC USB Controller

CNC USB Controller
Category: Other (Development)
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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CNC USB Controller is a free program aimed at controlling machines with CNC subtype. It has a huge number of different settings, additional tools that allow you to work with G-code and project work plans. For fast execution of plans, the program has a function of loading and execution of all planned settings. All software and interface is fully Russian-language, which is very rare for this kind of applications. It is completely free of charge.

Main features

CNC USB Controller loads different formats: DXF, HPGL, PLT, NC DRILL, Gerber. The program has the ability to work with text and graphic files, images, which can then be subjected to conversion to G-code. Later it can be used for machine cutting or change its format again to CSV, DFX, RAW (for downloading and installing from micro-SD). You can track the project in the window mode of the program. With the help of settings you can change viewing modes, applying scaling, working with perspective, showing single parts of the scheme. CNC USB Controller allows you to interfere with the functionality of G-code. The program can set, if desired, manual editing, rotations, reflections in different directions (horizontally and vertically), the ability to manipulate "cut", "copy", "paste" without expending any effort directly during work. The last feature is the availability of tools that allow you to interact with the machine itself. It is possible to control the spindle speed, control all its positions and directions. The user can simplify the work by using other units of measurement that may be easier to grasp.


  1. Russian language support.
  2. Free download and the ability to distribute to a large number of devices.
  3. Supports the most common formats.
  4. Conversion to G-code with minimal time and action.
  5. Availability of tools that allow you to manage behind the scenes activities and "cutting".


The set of presented functions and tools of this program allows you to interact with CNC machines in a simplified way. And the presence of the Russian language in the display and a clear interface make the work even easier and more pleasant. Many people have already started using this program and were able to immediately master all its functions and settings.

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