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VooV Meeting

VooV Meeting
Category: Multimedia
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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VooV Meeting is a utility for Windows that allows you to quickly organize a conference with all the necessary functionality. The maximum number of connected users is 300 people. The duration of the session is not limited. All data is securely encrypted during operation. All you need to do to access the functionality is to create an account.

Conference creation

To start a new meeting, it is enough to click on the icon with the inscription Start, which is located on the main panel. The application will automatically scan the peripherals, connecting the camera and microphone. At this stage, a link will also be generated, using which you need to invite other project participants. It should be sent in any convenient way, after the transition the user gets to the login panel. The application allows you to schedule meetings using the built-in calendar, which will allow you not to miss an event. Synchronization with the Microsoft Outlook platform is supported. During the initial setup of a new conference, there is an option to set a password for access or create a closed room. Waiting Room mode implies that the administrator must explicitly confirm the possibility of logging in for a particular user.

File sharing and communication

Connected users are able to send text messages documents and other files. The screen demonstration mode is implemented. It is possible to show the whole screen or a certain area. There is an option to protect the broadcast by imposing a watermark. The description notes that integration with popular messengers is not provided. Only internal chat can be used for communication. The application integrates tools for video quality management. Special algorithms are used that ensure maximum broadcast quality even at limited speed of the Internet channel.


  • the program allows you to organize an online broadcast;
  • up to 300 users can be connected;
  • internal chat with the ability to transfer files;
  • screen demonstration mode;
  • the program is distributed free of charge.
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