OLX uz

OLX uz
Category: Services
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 183 226


OLX uz is an application where you can buy or sell all kinds of things. This is a large bulletin board of Uzbekistan, where individuals can post information absolutely free of charge. The program is official and is designed for mobile devices with Android operating system.


With the help of the presented application, users can do the following:
  • using a tablet or smartphone to place their ads;
  • upload photos to products;
  • communicate with customers via chat in the application;
  • view other users' ads;
  • contact the seller by mobile number (indicated in the ad);
  • promote your ads to the TOP for an additional fee;
  • distribute information about your products through social networks.

Bulletin Board

OLX uz opens access to various goods from individuals, thanks to the application each user has the opportunity to be not only a buyer, but also a seller. To do this, you need to download the program and install it on your smartphone or tablet, after that you need to go through a simple registration procedure to create your own account. After that, you can place ads for the sale of unnecessary things, it can be new goods and bu. To buy the right thing, it is enough to use a convenient search engine or view the pages of the catalog. Then you need to write or call the seller and agree on a deal. But this is not all that the program is capable of, with the help of OLX uz you can not only sell or buy goods, but also use a variety of services, as well as view job offers or post your own vacancies.

The main advantages

  • OLX uz - application through which you can buy or sell all kinds of goods.
  • It is intended for residents of Uzbekistan.
  • Contact the seller via internal chat or by cell phone.
  • Promote your own ads to the top for an additional fee.
  • Edit or manage active ads.
  • Simple interface and easy navigation.
  • Easy registration to create a personal account.
  • Quality filter to find the ads you need.
  • The program is distributed free of charge.
  • The program automatically recognizes users' location.
  • Works on all Android devices.
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