Android SDK

Android SDK
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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
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A set of utilities for Android developers from Google. It is a collection of tools used in application development. Android SDK (Software Development Kit) - a utility package created by Google for application developers, which is a fairly extensive library of tools. Although there are modernized analogues of this application, which include some of the features that SDK has, the program is still supported and regularly updated.

Composition of the Development Kit:

  • This collection includes a huge variety of application development elements. So huge that it was necessary to develop a separate messenger to interact with them;
  • Java DK Content;
  • Libraries used in creating and porting applications;
  • Allows you to work with sets of program interfaces needed to port programs to different Android-enabled gadgets;
  • A tool for interacting with the Eclipse integrated development environment;
  • A fully working Android emulator developed on the basis of the virtualizer QEMU necessary for testing the functionality of created applications on different gadget builds.

Android SDK features:

Using the tools, libraries, and components provided in this package, applications can be adapted to function with Global Positioning System, Wi-Fi, camera, gyroscope, network adapters, and fingerprint scanner built into any Android device. In addition, users get the ability to integrate their projects with system services. Some components of this package also support working with multimedia files such as videos, audio recordings, and images, and have the ability to emulate the Dalvik virtual machine.

Key features:

  • Supports a huge number of application development elements: libraries, plugins, tools, program interface suites, etc;
  • Integrates with the Eclipse development environment, opening up possibilities for interaction with it;
  • Includes a pre-installed emulator based on the QEMU virtualizer;
  • Gives you the ability to test, develop, port, and debug applications;
  • Includes a compact manager for navigating the bundling of this kit.
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