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System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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The antiHASP application allows quick access to the licensed version of the Compass-3D package. Users are able to create drawings and perform modeling of three-dimensional objects. A thoughtful interface in Russian is used.


The application actively uses parametric technologies, as well as its own math engine. The main functionality is to provide all the necessary tools for three-dimensional modeling. There is a built-in text editor. Beginning users are recommended to preliminarily study the help section, which describes in detail all the available functions and features of the software product.

Functions and features

The interface allows you to create and edit various parts, drawings, work with specifications and much more. There is a function of partial or full loading of a set of components. The program keeps track of all sketches in the process of forming the final 3D-object. Built-in module for working with sheet parts - you can create and edit individual nodes. The user can create and customize holes, bends, blinds, cut specified volumes and use other tools to create complex parts. A mode of working with molds is available, including customization of slope and halves parting line. The ability to create your own sketches and designs and edit finished parts is built in. User data protection features are available.


  • The program is designed for creating three-dimensional models;
  • own mathematical kernel optimized for specific tasks;
  • the interface is fully in Russian;
  • sheet metal parts modeling module;
  • editing of foundry molds.
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