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This application is designed to allow the user to quickly adjust gas units with the same name control unit. This program has Russian localization. OMVL is a whole complex of special programs, which are necessary for diagnostics and further adjustment of gas equipment in cars. It is noteworthy that each program of the complex is designed for separate blocks that have a HBO control.


First of all, it is worth mentioning the tool for automatic calibration of pressure and gas flow inside cylinders. The calibration takes into account labmda-zone, as well as other data obtained via a special OBD protocol. During calibration, the user will be displayed information about the cylinders. About the temperature of the gas, inside the cylinder, as well as the pressure at different engine speeds of the car. In addition to automatic tuning, sometimes the consumer may need manual tuning. There are many parameters to consider when manually adjusting. For example, fuel type, temperature, number of cylinders, and other features. When specifying data, the utility will make graphs, to clearly demonstrate the information obtained. Various sensors installed inside the engine are supported. More applicationOMVL allows you to change the firmware for ECU. Such firmware is necessarily required by the control unit. It is worth noting that the choice of firmware should be treated very carefully. Install only those that have been tested by the manufacturer. On forums you can find such versions of software that can reduce fuel consumption, but this does not guarantee the durability of the car.

Interface and use

The program has a detailed localization into Russian. Therefore, the user will be able to easily understand the utility. It is also worth noting that OMVL supports the work of touch devices, input.

Key features

  1. Calibration of gas-caliber equipment can be performed automatically;
  2. You can manually change ECU parameters and values;
  3. Ability to install new firmware on control units;
  4. OBD protocol support for reading and editing data;
  5. Russian localization is present;
  6. The program comes with detailed documentation, which is worth reading before using.

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