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This is a special program created for mining using the power of the CPU (processor). It is noteworthy that the device does not have a graphical interface, that is, it is console-based. cpuminer is a program that allows you to mine cryptocurrency, earning on the power of your computer. The utility works with several algorithms for mining digital currency. Some users may be inconvenienced that the miner does not have a graphical interface. But such inconveniences will appear only in the beginning. After a while, the user gets used to it. Changing the mining parameters is done thanks to special commands. These commands are entered in the line issued at startup. To find out their full list, ente r-help. It is also important to know that before the first launch you need to make edits to the configuration file. Namely, write data about your wallet, account and enter the address of the pool. Earlier it was already said that the program supports a large number of algorithms for mining. Among such algorithms are Fresh, Blake Neoscrypt and others. The utility uses only the power of the central processor. According to the developer's claims, with the right selection of the algorithm, you can achieve results no worse than in mining from a video card. But this is not true, since modern cryptocurrencies are better mined on graphic computing devices. However, a lot of new digital currencies are being created now, so it is quite possible that things will change in the future. After starting the program, the user

Key Features

  1. Mining all popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin and others;
  2. The application has a complete lack of a graphical shell. This means that launching and working is done through the command line;
  3. You can connect to mining pools, and view real-time data about the collected digital currency;
  4. Before the first launch, you need to set up a configuration file;
  5. Different algorithms are supported;
  6. Developers are constantly updating the program.
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