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System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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BeerSmit h-Windows application for creating and conveniently storing recipes for beer, wine, mead and other beverages. Built-in module for calculating ingredient quantities. Provides online access to an extensive set of instructions. The utility can be used by both beginners and experienced masters. It is possible to adjust the color, density and other parameters that are peculiar to the selected drink.


It is possible to manually Russify the interface of the program. To do this, you need to download the Lang.xml file and upload it to the main program directory. Then launch the application and go to the Options category in the Tools menu. A panel will open, in which you need to select "Set Language XML File", then specify the path to the russification file.


The interface allows you to search for recipes for a wide variety of beverages. The resulting instructions can be quickly edited and saved to a common catalog. A special panel allows you to conveniently calculate the amount of ingredients to obtain a drink with the desired parameters. A set of beer maturation and carbonation profiles can be created. The converter of values is integrated, which allows you to use recipes from other countries, bringing them to the desired format. It is possible to correct the current pH level of the water. You can switch to the mode of creating new recipes. The work is carried out step by step - you need to select the desired ingredient, specify the quantity and add to the general list. The built-in algorithm will automatically calculate the density, bitterness and other parameters of the new drink after receiving a set of data. The created instruction can be exported to XML format, which allows you to transfer it to another program.


  • A collection of recipes for creating various alcoholic beverages;
  • access to an online catalog with instructions;
  • automatic calculation of the required parameters;
  • mode of creating your own recipes;
  • export in XML format, which is supported by many programs;
  • the trial version can be used free of charge.
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