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Samplitude Pro

Samplitude Pro
Category: Recording
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Samplitude Pro is a Windows application that is a virtual studio for working with sound. You can create and edit tracks, use virtual instruments from the catalog, use effects, and more.


During the installation phase, the user has the option to additionally download a huge collection of musical instruments and samples. All major categories are represented - brass, keyboards, drums and so on. It is possible to connect additional devices to the PC for sound recording. The application allows you to specify the optimal number of channels in advance. In the process of work, for each track, there is available its own set of tools (may differ), designed for processing the track.


A separate function provides efficient splitting and merging of files. An algorithm for selecting and removing noise and various defects is built in. The developers added their own selection of effects for audio. You can add echo, reverberation, fading and more. After adding an effect, you can further customize it - the available modes will be displayed in a special block. ReWire protocol is supported, which allows you to transmit audio in real time. It is possible to provide integration with other audio processing packages. This allows you to significantly expand the possibilities of processing the original recording. There is a help section that allows even novice users to quickly get used to the program. All the features of the editor and the description of settings are described.


  • music editor allows you to mix and edit tracks;
  • built-in effects catalog;
  • large selection of virtual instruments;
  • ReWire protocol support;
  • support of external devices for sound processing;
  • demo version is available for free.
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