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Adobe Muse
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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
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This application allows you to create adaptive websites. Usually, you need to use HTML, CSS and jаvascript for this purpose. Adobe Muse is a special program that is needed to create adaptive websites. Websites are created in the markup language HTML5 and style language CSS3. It is noteworthy that the creation does not require even minimal knowledge of web programming languages.


The Muse program from adobe allows you to work with the visual component of the site. This means that the creation will not be done with long lines of code, but with the help of a special builder. It is possible to make a site completely from scratch. In this case, the creation occurs by selecting catalog elements. In addition, the user can download templates from the Internet to use them. To make it much easier for the user to create a site, the program offers a tool "structure of the site". When you select this tool, the entire workspace is divided into small cells, as in a school notebook. Thus, you can visually view the distance of blocks from each other. This will help to place the elements correctly. Also in the editor there is a very convenient function to create "flexible" blocks. The fact that most designers fix the size of blocks, which is not always convenient. In Adobe Muse user chooses the parameters. This simplifies the creation of mobile versions of the web resource. In addition to managing the blocks, the designer has a setting of fonts that will help to maximize the style of the site.


Based on all of the above, this builder is ideal for creating one-page sites. It is worth noting that, despite the ease of use, you should use a 7-day trial period. This will allow you to check whether you are comfortable working with the resource. Although it does not require knowledge of programming languages, but beginners in the creation of sites can be difficult. Especially difficulties can be experienced by those users who are not familiar with the company's products Adobe.

Key features

  1. You can create sites without learning the languages HTML5 and CSS3;
  2. The program has a library of templates, which can be replenished with templates from the network;
  3. There is a markup mode, which allows you to conveniently catch the center;
  4. It is possible to create a responsive website;
  5. Thanks to Adobe Muse, you can easily do prototyping.

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