Clean Master

Clean Master
Category: Cleaning and maintenance
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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This application is a sought-after cleaner for your computer. It does a great job of clearing out junk and optimizing your computer. It is free of charge. Clean Master is a great program to clean the system, it was originally designed for phones, but eventually became available for PCs. With its help you can clean your computer from so-called "junk", that is, files that take up space on the hard disk, but are not useful or harmful, and are not needed by the user.

How does the cleaning process work?

Clean Master operates in automatic mode, it collects information about the browser cache, "garbage" from the system, already played files from players and various media, identifies programs that are malicious for the computer and finds registry branches that are not needed by the operating system. Once the analysis is complete, a detailed list of everything detected is created, with everything sorted for easy orientation. If you find files in the list that you need or want for your computer, just uncheck the box next to them, and then the things you selected will remain in the PC memory. Cleaning is very fast, in this component the program is not inferior to the even more famous CCleaner

how does optimization work?

In addition to its main function of cleaning the computer, the application can also optimize it, i.e. make work on the computer very fast. One of the possibilities is to disable the so-called "swap" file on computers with a lot of RAM, it speeds up the work. The total number of so-called "tweaks" is about 20. "Tweak" is one possibility to optimize the computer.

What else is there?

In addition to the two main possibilities, which involve cleaning the computer and optimizing it, there are two more: automatic driver updates and recovery of accidentally deleted files. In general terms, we can say this: Clean Master does an excellent job of optimizing and cleaning your computer, but it is also capable of performing other functions that will also be useful for your PC. The program is completely free, has a pleasant interface, but it is not translated into Russian.

Main features

  • Search and delete files that are "garbage";
  • A lot of "tweaks" to improve your computer;
  • You can update drivers and recover deleted data;
  • Quality and pleasant interface;
  • The program is completely free.
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