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Synology Assistant

Synology Assistant
Category: Other (System)
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Synology Assistant program is designed for active work with printers. If you work with many printers in a single local network, the utility will automatically scan disk space, find printers and work with them remotely.

Using the program

Using the program does not require any active actions from the user. First, you need to install Synology Assistant on your PC, then launch it and wait for the application to perform a full-fledged scan. As soon as the scan is complete, a list of all printers that can be used will appear. In moments of idle time, the program is easily minimized so as not to interfere with other tasks. The menu is fully in Russian, which greatly simplifies the operation procedure.

Utility features

In addition to being able to remotely manage printers, the user is also able to connect to disk spaces on servers within the LAN to manage them as well. To find such servers, you need to go to the "Manage" section available in the Synology Assistant menu. In addition to managing the server directly, the program also allows you to analyze the status of its resources. This allows you to know whether you need to adjust your workflow or not.

Key Features

  • The program allows you to manage printers and servers within a local network;
  • When working with servers, you can view the degree of workload to adjust your work;
  • The menu is fully in Russian, which makes it easier to manage the utility;
  • Work on the search for available devices is performed automatically after installation on a PC connected to the local network;
  • It is possible to completely minimize the application, receiving information from it from the system tray.
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