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Mongoose is a program for scanning and checking the operability of the car control unit. The application is characterized by a thoughtful and intuitive user interface, which has a Russian translation.

Program task

The essence of the application is to scan the operability of the car control unit. The application is able to perform a full scan and show detailed data in decoded form. In addition, the program is able to correct some lines of code automatically, which will not only find and identify errors, but even correct some of them. The program works on the publicly available OBDII protocol, which makes it possible to use it in a variety of car brands. Nevertheless, some of the sensors may not be defined, however, most of them are in the database and correctly displayed.

Features of the application

The program offers a convenient user interface, which is also fully translated into Russian. In order to start diagnostics, you will need to install the application, connect the device to the car and launch the program. In the newly opened window, click on the "Test" button, after which the search for errors and malfunctions will begin. The program checks all the sensors and systems in the car, and can eliminate errors by removing lines with damaged elements, which will correct the operation of the systems. However, this is not a panacea and some of the faults need to be eliminated by yourself, but the application will show these points.

The main advantages of Mongoose

  • The program is designed for diagnostic scanner of the control unit of cars of different brands;
  • Ability not only to find errors, but even eliminate some of them;
  • Sophisticated interface in Russian;
  • Real-time information output and saving of the obtained data.
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