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This is a development environment for people who program in the language of the same name. The environment is complemented by detailed documentation. Fortran is one of the most convenient platforms for working with the language of the same name. By the way, there are not so many such platforms today. The reason for this is that this language is not in demand today. It is rather difficult for a person working in it to find decent applications allowing to write code (not to mention applications with a debugger). It is safe to say that there are no alternatives to Fortran.


Using this application, the programmer will be able to make programs in the Fortran language, using code highlighting, debugging and refactoring functions. If necessary, it is possible to hide individual blocks of the program, switch between several files of the same project, search for a line or variable. Among the features inherent in all applications of this type we should mention:
  • Quick undo of changes.
  • Support for nested files.
  • Work with the help of breakpoints.
An important advantage of the program is the presence of the function of outputting hints that pop up when writing code. This function automatically points out the most common problems that occur when writing a program (such problems include: function looping, errors in command or argument names). The program can run on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. Detailed documentation is also provided for such versions of the program. It is worth noting. The program and its documentation are in English.


The most part of the program window is occupied by the field for working with the code. In the right part there is a tree-structured list. It contains all the files of the current project. Above the list of files there is a panel with working tools. In case of need, you can increase or decrease the size of the panel by dragging and dropping it. The main problem with the interface is that it hangs a bit on the latest versions of Windows.

Main features

  • A convenient platform for creating programs;
  • Debugging and refactoring tools;
  • Ability to customize syntax highlighting;
  • Simple and clear interface;
  • Detailed documentation;
  • Ability to customize error indication.
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