Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Program Status: Free
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eBoostr is a Windows application for increasing the performance of your computer. This is achieved by moving the cache to an external drive or HDD, which frees up some RAM. A similar scheme is used when activating the standard ReadyBoost technology (initially available in Windows).


After installing the program, a new icon is added to the notification area. Clicking it opens a panel that allows you to configure the mode of operation of an external disk as an additional RAM area. You need to connect a suitable disk beforehand. It is possible to select a specific volume of the drive that will be allocated for caching files. Automatic mode is supported, when the application analyzes the current system parameters and selects the optimal parameters. This saves the user from selecting the optimal scheme. It is worth considering that when using an external disk, the volume of the area should be at least 1 gigabyte. It is also important to remember that the flash drive must be permanently connected to the PC. It is possible to use a part of the internal hard disk for a new storage location.


The main window of the program allows you to monitor the current size of cached files, which allows you to assess the level of load. Basic information about the system is also displayed. A separate section displays the degree of load on the hard disk. In the settings, you can manually specify the applications that will have priority access to the optimization mode. This allows you to use resources more efficiently.


  • The application allows you to transfer the cache to an external drive;
  • you can specify the size of the allocated space;
  • you can specify the application to be optimized;
  • a demo version is available for free use.
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