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Windows USB Installation Tool

Windows USB Installation Tool
Category: Bootable media
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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GIGABYTE Windows USB Installation Tool is a special utility that allows you to create a bootable Windows OS flash drive. It is a free utility that allows you to create a bootable Windows OS flash drive. The utility does not require installation and works in portable mode. The graphical shell of the utility is created simply and conveniently. There are no complicated panels and tools for creating bootable flash drives in the main window. All elements are located in the main window. The interface is minimalist and is suitable for non-experienced users. GIGABYTE Windows USB Installation Tool is free to download and does not need to be installed on your computer as it is portable.

How to use the tool

The most important tools are located in one window of the utility. In this window you will find selectors that allow you to choose between optical media and flash drive. Once you have selected the media, you need to click on the start button and wait for the procedure to complete. Don't forget that the process of creating a bootable flash drive will automatically delete all data from it. If you are burning a disk, it must be clean. In addition to burning to a flash drive or physical CD and DVD, the utility allows you to burn images. This feature is supported on recording in other software. To burn files you need to specify the drive on which the image is mounted.

Additional options

In addition to creating a bootable flash drive, the utility provides a selection of additional options. In the program, you save the image with the distribution that is downloaded from the network to a logical partition of the disk. If necessary, during the creation process, you will add NVMe driver installation and save additional software files to the image c OS Windows 7.

Key features

  • quick creation of bootable drives with Windows 7 OS;
  • you can select basic options for burning before burning;
  • the utility has a simple graphical environment that consists of a single window;
  • the program is available for download in free mode;
  • the utility is not difficult to master and is suitable for beginners;
  • writing to flash drives and optical disks;
  • writing ready-made images that are mounted using other software;
  • low system requirements;
  • the utility does not hang and works without brakes;
  • the graphical shell of the software is created in a minimalistic design.
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