Category: Portable devices
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 240


MOBILedit is a Windows application that allows you to attach a portable gadget to a Windows-based laptop or PC for subsequent data transfer. It allows you to study the list of contacts, as well as the history of outgoing and incoming calls. The program does not have a translation of the interface into Russian.

Start of work

First, the user needs to synchronize between a PC or laptop and a mobile device. The utility supports working not only with Android, but also iOS gadgets. To synchronize devices, you can use one of three methods: USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. After the user connects the mobile gadget, the program will independently determine the model of the device and its manufacturer.

Main functions

The functionality implemented in the application makes it possible to transfer various content between devices. Among other things, you can transfer images, text documents, music and videos. The program can be used to view information stored on a portable gadget, including notes in the calendar, call history, list of contacts and so on. If desired, a person can create a copy of any files and save it on a computer or laptop.

Additional features

The application has a number of additional functions. For example, the user can write and read SMS messages. In addition, the user can enable automatic search for the same contacts to delete them.


  • Compatible with most versions of Windows;
  • The utility is designed to work with gadgets running iOS or Android;
  • Three different synchronization methods are allowed;
  • There is a function for deleting the same contacts;
  • The program interface is available only in English;
  • It is possible to transfer data from one gadget to another;
  • You can write SMS from your computer or laptop;
  • There is an option to create copies of any files.

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