Category: Other (System)
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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WinPcap is a Windows computer application that gives users the ability to monitor Internet traffic. The utility is capable of working with any network card. Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable connections are supported. The available features can be used to analyze data, generate Internet traffic and detect hacker attacks. The program has an English-language interface.

Information gathering

The software is able to work with various network adapters connected to a laptop or desktop computer. After identifying the card used, the application will immediately begin to collect data passing through the network. The information obtained can be viewed on the start page of the computer program. Among other things, the user is able to check all active connections to the network and view detailed information about them. For example, a person is allowed to check the IP address, protocol and a number of other data.

Other functions

By intercepting any Internet traffic, the program is able to detect hacker attacks. In addition, the user gets the ability to prevent unauthorized connections to the network, the entry of malicious software on connected devices and much more. It should be noted that the computer application has an open code, which is allowed to study and edit. This feature will come in handy for advanced users who know how to work with program code.


  • Full support for all current versions of Windows;
  • Completely free program for working with Internet traffic;
  • The interface of the utility is in English;
  • Supports working with any network adapter;
  • Allows you to search for and prevent hacker attacks;
  • The utility source code can be edited;
  • Tutorials are available;
  • The application displays detailed information about current connections.
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