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Category: Education and Science
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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ActivePresenter is a Windows application that is a platform for distance learning. You can conduct online lessons, create your own presentations, and there is a built-in video recording function. There is also an editor for working with the resulting content.


After launching the program, it becomes possible to create interactive presentations. You can add buttons, switches and other controls to the slides. There is a built-in catalog of elements for decorating the material. The program can be used to create tests for different areas of training. You can add questions, answer options, realize the necessary system of results evaluation. In the process of work you can add short clips, text blocks, pictures. There is a catalog of ready-made effects and animations. The developers have implemented a full-fledged formula editor, which allows you to work with fairly complex elements.


The following module is intended for recording screen video. Before launching it, you can specify an arbitrary capture area and specify a sound source. It is possible to specify frame rate, quality, codec and other parameters. A separate option allows you to save the cursor, which makes it much easier to perceive the material. After recording, the content can be uploaded to the built-in editor. There is a function to add inscriptions, delete frames or scenes. You can adjust the color scheme and activate various effects. A preview mode is provided. The video can be saved to a separate file or used in a presentation. Features:
  • the program contains a set of tools for remote training;
  • creating presentations and recording on-screen video;
  • creating interactive tests;
  • catalog of ready-made elements and effects;
  • built-in video editor;
  • free download.
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