Category: Portable devices
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Syncios is a software for Windows devices starting from version 7. The functionality implemented in the application allows users to manage files of the mobile device. It allows you to transfer data between devices, make playlists with music tracks, view SMS messages and much more. Among other things, there is an option to recover lost files.

Getting Started

Since all the functions of the utility are aimed at interacting with a portable gadget, it needs to be connected to a PC or laptop via USB wire. Then the application will independently detect the model of the device and allow you to start working with it. It is worth noting that not all the features of the utility are available immediately. Some need to be downloaded separately.

Viewing and conversion

The computer program is equipped with its own file manager. With its help, a person is able to study all the data that are stored in the memory of a portable gadget. If desired, unnecessary content can be deleted. The application has a converter. It provides an opportunity to change the format of graphic files. For example, the user is able to convert an image with JPEG extension to PNG or BMP.

Other functions

The user can copy files and transfer them to a laptop or desktop computer. In addition, the application allows you to recover damaged data. The application has an option responsible for downloading videos from the popular YouTube service. The user is also able to transfer data from WhatsApp from one device to another. Among other things, it is allowed to transfer files between Android and iOS devices.


  • Ability to transfer content between a computer and a portable gadget;
  • Supports working with both Android and iOS devices;
  • Compatible with new versions of Windows;
  • Ability to upload videos from YouTube.
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