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System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Anki is a software that assists users in learning foreign languages and various sciences. It is possible to create sets of cards with words to memorize them. There is automatic progress tracking and statistics generation. The application with a Russian-language interface works correctly on devices running at least Windows 7.

Decks of cards

With the help of the program, the user can form sets of cards with words. It is not necessary to create them manually. The official website of the creators has an extensive catalog with decks. Thanks to them, the user is able to learn words and phrases from English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Spanish and many other languages. In addition, the collection includes decks that help in studying math, geography, physics, chemistry, anatomy and so on. You can attach pictures, videos and sound files to the cards. Also, when creating cards manually, the user is able to specify their complexity and frequency of display.

Learning process

After adding decks of cards, the user can start studying the materials he needs. It works as follows: the application shows a random card from the selected set, after which the user needs to give the correct answer. Next, the utility will offer to indicate how difficult it was for the person to answer this card. If the user decides that it was difficult, the frequency of showing such a card will increase. The application automatically generates statistics and visualizes the person's progress. You can view this information in a separate section of the program.


  • Compatibility with new versions of Windows;
  • The ability to repeat the studied material through decks with cards;
  • Free installation and use;
  • LaTeX layout is supported;
  • Card sets can be created manually or downloaded from the Internet.
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