Category: Education and Science
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 557


Mathematics - Windows application for solving various mathematical equations and problems. Tools for statistical and engineering calculations are built in. A module for working with graphs and a convenient graphing calculator are implemented.


You can use the toolbar in the left part of the window to enter initial data. All basic elements are available - variables, operations and others. Handwriting input with automatic character recognition is provided. It can be used on devices with a touch screen. The characters entered by the user will be recognized using the built-in algorithm and added to the working area. An eraser is provided to eliminate errors. The application is aimed at students and students of different directions. You can solve examples of different levels of complexity, find roots and work with trigonometric functions. There is an opportunity to test and consolidate your knowledge in this area.


This module allows you to plot several graphs in a common coordinate system and analyze them. You can quickly display intersection points, areas of definition and other elements. Three-dimensional and classic display modes are available. Export of calculations and graphs to Word is supported, and the data is correctly displayed in a new document. In the settings you can change the units of measurement, scale and other parameters. The workspace can also be flexibly customized for current tasks. A list of all available parameters can be found in the help section.


  • The application allows you to perform calculations and solve equations;
  • graphing function;
  • handwriting mode with character recognition;
  • support for matrix and vector operations;
  • export to other programs;
  • free download.
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