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Category: Drivers
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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cFosSpeed is a software tool that allows users to improve the performance of their Internet connection. For this purpose, the utility analyzes the data passing through the network, after which it separates packets, optimizes protocols and gives priority to the most important processes. Thanks to the application's tools, the user can increase the speed of opening websites, reduce response time and much more. The utility can be used on Windows devices.

Internet acceleration

The key function of the software tool is to optimize the online connection to increase speed and reduce ping. Immediately after the utility is installed, it starts checking network protocols and Internet traffic in general. As a result, the software groups processes and prioritizes them based on their importance. The next thing that the application does is to control the transmission and reception of Internet data. Thanks to the work of the computer utility, the network connection is deeply optimized. Due to this, the loading of Internet pages, downloading content and so on is accelerated. Also, the activity of the program significantly reduces the duration of the response time. In addition to the above functions, the application is able to block potentially dangerous connections. As a result, the user is protected from hacker attacks and malware.


It should be noted that the application requires an online browser to function. The utility is able to work with Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge and other similar software. In the settings, you can change some software parameters. Among other things, it is possible to specify which data should be prioritized.


  • The trial version of the utility has limitations;
  • Russian-language interface;
  • Compatible with many OC versions;
  • Ability to speed up network connectivity.
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