Word Reader

Word Reader
Category: E-books
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Program Status: Free
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Word Reader is a Windows utility that allows you to open and explore text materials in various formats, including RFT and DOC. Additionally, the application has a converter to change the file extension. The program does not allow you to make adjustments to documents.

Opening documents

The computer application is designed for studying textual materials. It is not allowed to change their contents. Among the formats that can be opened in this utility are: HTML, DOC, TXT, TXT, DOCX and RTF. Once a document is opened, the user can read its contents.


The developers added several options to the program, making the study of documents more convenient. For example, a person is able to zoom in and out of the text. It is also possible to switch between the sheets of the document by means of a computer mouse wheel or icons on the navigation bar of the application. The user is allowed to open the file on the full screen. It is also allowed to quickly find the desired text segments using the search box. If necessary, a person can copy a document fragment to use it in another utility or send it to people in messengers or social networks.

Conversion and printing

The application has a tool that allows you to change the format of open documents. For example, a user can change the file extension from TXT to RTF or PDF. At the same time, the software allows you to manually specify the location where the converted document will be stored. With the help of the application the user can prepare the file for printing. To use this option, a printer must be attached to the device.


  • Ability to study the contents of documents;
  • Allowed to change the scale of sheets;
  • Free program for most versions of OC;
  • There is a converter to change the document extension;
  • The utility no longer receives updates;
  • Can't make adjustments to file contents.
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