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Canon My Printer

Canon My Printer
Category: Print
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Canon My Printer is an original, official program, which is necessary for setting parameters, as well as for performing diagnostics on Canon printers. It can be used to configure most printers from this manufacturer. This software is suitable only for computers running the Windows operating system. This is an original, licensed application, created by developers, to configure devices only from Canon, devices produced by all sorts of other companies with the help of this software - you will not configure. On our site Canon My Printer is in the public domain, so you can easily download it for free. The main purpose of Canon My Printer is to analyze the faults that exist in your device. The program can also fix all sorts of problems on its own. Scanning is done automatically and includes several stages. Due to the fact that the machine does everything for you, even not the most advanced users can use the program without problems. At the end of the analysis, there is the output of the result, namely errors and malfunctions that do not allow your device to work adequately. The program is able to detect problems in both software and hardware, but it can fix mostly only software problems on its own. On the hardware side, the program can clean the roller, as well as monitor the operation of various mechanisms so that you don't have problems with printing.

Advanced Features

Canon My Printer add-on options give you the ability to completely change print settings, check if the printer is connected correctly, check if the correct drivers are installed and if updates are available. This is very handy as you can have an understanding of the correct drivers.

Main features

The main features of the program's functionality are:
  • the ability to perform a full-fledged check of the printer;
  • ability to eliminate technical and program problems independently;
  • provide the result of the test, with a detailed explanation of each aspect;
  • the program is able to carry out the check completely independently, minimal effort is required from the user;
  • this software works only with equipment (printer) manufactured by Canon.
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