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GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
Category: GPS control
System: Android 2.1
Program Status: Free
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GPS Tracker is a revolutionary new development, widely spread on the freeware market, for tracking the current location of the device (owner), through the GPS module. The application will allow you to get up-to-date information about the current location of the person of interest.

Brief "manual"

For the correct operation of the application, the user needs to create an account on the portal "". The absence of an account, makes the application functionality useless, as synchronization between the GPS-module and databases occurs through the Internet resource.


The principle of operation of the "GPS Tracker" application is based on the collection and subsequent analysis of data received from the slave device. The received data is sent to the cloud storage of the account on the portal "livegpstracks", in the future the user is able to view the detailed route of the device. The application works in several modes, which will allow you to learn the coordinates of the object as accurately as possible. Mode "constant tracking" - the application continuously sends the coordinates of the device to the server. The period of sending is configured manually. Economy tracking" mode - the coordinates are sent at user-defined intervals. An optional extension will send data as soon as the device is connected to the internet. In offline mode, GPS Tracker records coordinates in a special system container in the background. GPS Tracker works in background mode, the device does not subject to system load, in case of device shutdown/reboot, the application is in active phase. For security purposes, it is possible to set a password on the device to avoid leakage of confidential information in case of penetration of third parties. Benefits of the software:
  • Tracking of the device by means of the built-in GPS module;
  • Sending the coordinates of the object, to a specified address, providing a detailed report;
  • The application is active in the background, rebooting the device does not affect performance;
  • The user gets the ability to send location data, share information in popular social networks;
  • To get started, you should register on the official website.
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