Category: Development
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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HeidiSQL is a Windows application for working with Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases. All necessary tools for working with tables, SQL queries and triggers are provided. It supports working with several sessions in parallel.

Connection setup

At the first launch, the application offers the user to set up a new connection to an external database. For this purpose, the network type, host name and other parameters are specified. Authorization data can be saved for quick login in the future. You can create new users and give them the necessary authorizations during the access process. A separate tab allows you to view detailed connection statistics.

Working with the database

The mode of viewing and editing the database structure is conveniently implemented. You can generate new tables, customize links between them, fill them, change their structure and much more. It is possible to customize foreign keys and indexes. SQL query editor allows you to create complex constructs, even if the user has no experience in this direction. There is syntax highlighting, automatic error marking with description output. It is possible to create queries in the constructor mode. All necessary information can be found in the help section. The material is structured and covers all aspects of working with the program - interface elements, creating a new connection, setting up the program, working with code, eliminating errors and much more. There is a database search and a navigation bar with a list of available categories.


  • the application is a DBMS with the necessary set of functions;
  • built-in SQL editor with syntax highlighting;
  • database export mode;
  • creation of new users and setting of permissions;
  • free download.
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