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Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya
Category: Development
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Autodesk Maya is a professional editor responsible for developing 3D models, texture maps, and animations. The program's tools are used by movie studios and video game developers. You can run the editor on devices running at least Windows 7.

Basic functionality

The computer utility provides an extensive list of tools with which the artist is able to develop 3D objects, animations and texture maps. To start working, the user should open the editor and start a new project or return to the development of an already created one. The interface of the advanced editor is similar to other software for the development of three-dimensional environment, including Blender. A significant part of the window is occupied by the working area, where the user can see the results of his work. Various tools are located on the sides. If necessary, the artist is able to customize the interface of the utility for himself. For example, you can divide the working area into four parts to see the 3D object from several sides. The development of models follows the same principle as in similar editors. The user places one of the standard figures in the working area, and then makes changes to it using the available tools. The advantage of the editor is that it has algorithms that are responsible for plausible simulation of liquids, lighting and so on.


You can use the editor to develop animations and texture maps. For this purpose, separate sets of tools are implemented in the application. If desired, a person can expand the capabilities of the program by downloading add-ons.


  • Free access to the trial version of the editor;
  • Ability to develop texture maps, 3D models and animations;
  • Support for modern versions of OC;
  • Allows you to install additional extensions.
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