Category: Office Software
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Mailbird is a handy e-mail client for Windows. You can receive and send e-mails, receive notifications and exchange files. The synchronization mode is implemented quite conveniently.

Introductory text

The "Introductory Text" function is provided, which allows you to quickly answer typical questions. After logging in to your e-mail account, you should click on the icon with the image of a person and enter the required text into the opened form. This allows you to send a reply to a large number of users at once without opening an e-mail. This mode is popular among office workers who have to reply to standard e-mails. For example, you can send an up-to-date price list or an important notification at once.

Search by attachments and reminders

You can set a reminder to reply to a specific user. You can specify the time and add a brief note. This allows you to organize your work and not forget about important matters. When the time stamp is approaching, a notification will appear on the desktop. In the settings, you can flexibly customize the display mode and the presence of sound. While searching in the mailbox, you can use the "In attachment" option, which allows you to search among previously sent files. This allows you to quickly find a document or presentation, knowing only the title. The process of connecting to the mail server and setting the synchronization mode is described in detail in the help section. There is a description of the main functions, menu sections and peculiarities of connecting to different mail services. A separate category contains useful recommendations that will allow you to set the optimal mode of operation.


  • mail client allows you to receive and send letters;
  • setting reminders;
  • ready-made text templates;
  • file exchange;
  • free download.
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