Icecream Ebook

Icecream Ebook
Category: E-books
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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The Icecream Ebook program for Windows is a tool for reading ebooks and documents. Similar to FBReader, it supports different formats including TXT, EPUB, PDF, MOBI, CBR, FB2 and CBZ. Options for bookmarking, letter size and font selection are supported.


The application allows you to add books to your library and sort them by author name or title. Book search is available. It also supports the option to create categories for easier sorting.

Using the application

The utility allows users to highlight quotes and make notes. The option to add bookmarks is supported, with the help of which you can quickly find the place where the user interrupted reading. For interface design, the program has two themes: one for reading during daylight hours, the second - in the dark. It is possible to edit profiles by changing the page background, letter size and font. Text can be copied to the clipboard. Integration with Google search engine allows you to find out the meaning of an obscure word or find the desired phrase.

Export and import

The program allows you to save all open works in an archive with EBR extension. This option is useful when you need to transfer a book to another reading application. In addition, users can import the library.

Main features

  • the program is designed for reading e-books
  • the utility is distributed free of charge;
  • customization of the interface design is available;
  • it is possible to export and import the library;
  • most popular formats are supported;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Windows.
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