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Google Calendar

Google Calendar
Category: Organizers
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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You can mark important events in the handy calendar for Android. This application is linked to all Google services and is free of charge. Do the activities that need to be done throughout the day fly out of your head? Diaries are not for you? GoogleCalendar mobile app for Android can help you remind yourself of important things to do.

View Mode

Google Calendar has 3 modes, one of which is the mode of viewing plans by week, day. You will choose the one that will be convenient to use, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the nearest things to do, so that you do not forget about them.


Reminder mode is very important in order not to forget about the nearest events, meetings. Convenient settings will help you come up with a name for the event, set the time and warn about an important meeting 10 minutes or a week in advance.


A business meeting doesn't fit into your schedule or don't know where to put your gym workout? Google calendar can help you with this problem. All you have to do is write down a goal, and the app will find a place for it and offer you a time to write it down.

Synchronization with Gmail

Many people like to buy products online, the calendar is suitable for this case as it is linked to an email account. But this feature only works when you have a Gmail account. Book airplane tickets? Pay for a hotel room? Or buy a ticket to a concert? All these things are available thanks to this application, all events Google calendar will enter independently in your schedule these events.


  • viewing mode is available for any day;
  • the ability to create future plans;
  • the ability to select an empty space for the desired case in the schedule;
  • data on the server does not disappear, so if the phone is lost, it's no big deal;
  • system requirements are at a minimum, so weak Android devices will pull this provision.
Such a service is well suited for organizing cases, events. Calendar will also allow you to easily keep track of the affairs of your family members. There is no manual for using this calendar, as it is easy to use. The calendar information will be available for reading if there is no internet connection. You can turn off and toggle the calendar with a single click. The day from which the week will start you choose yourself. The calendar can be made available to more than just you.
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