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iPhone Lock Screen

iPhone Lock Screen
Category: Lock screen
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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iPhone Lock Screen is an application that styles the lock screen of the Android operating system similar to the iOS lockscreen. The software exactly copies the properties of the "apple" brand, available for download in the company store "Google Play Market".

Lock screen

After installing the stylized locker, the device screen will display a characteristic unlock bar, with the branded inscription "Slide to unlock". Client detailing is worked on 100%, attention to nuance, the key feature of "iPhone Lock Screen". "Charge graphics, Wi-Fi logo, notification styling, animations" - exactly, repeat iOS. Program screensavers are made in a minimalist style, will appeal to fans of calming themes. Directly from the lock screen, the user has the ability to go to call emergency services or launch the camera. If you need additional protection, it is possible to install an additional symbolic PIN-code on the device.


iPhone Lock Screen is an application that allows you to customize the proprietary graphical shell of the Android operating system, in accordance with the corporate style of Apple devices. The transformation will allow you to brag to your friends about the "uniqueness" of the device firmware, or install "for the soul". The application will help you change the shell in a few clicks. The initial launch of iPhone Lock Screen offers the user to go through a step-by-step configuration of the software, to obtain system permissions to use and change additional settings of the device. Benefits of the app:
  • Full iOS (iPhone) Lock Screen Simulation;
  • The user can choose from a package of Apple branded screensavers;
  • Additional protection of the device with a graphical/symbolic password;
  • Full copy of the imitation of system settings, app icons and transition animation;
  • The application is adapted to the Android operating system, including current service packs;
  • The download is completely free of charge (no commercial fees).
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