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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Dub is a short music video, the main goal is to imitate the poser's singing to a music track playing in the background. Dubsmash - entertainment application, adapted for the Android operating system, especially for fans of humorous videos.


Built-in Dubsmash toolkit will allow you to create a funny video in a short time, which will help to cheer up a dull company. To realize the idea, you will need to create a basic framework, record a short video on the front camera of the device. The video sequence should consist of mimic gestures: parody, wiggling, mockery, mimicry, or a simple greeting. After recording the video, you are allowed to proceed to further editing. Intuitive interface, will allow you to adapt in a short time, even a novice user.

Video post-processing

The developers have implemented an extensive database consisting of characteristic sound effects. In addition to the standard sounds of crying and laughter, famous quotes from cult movies and TV series, stanzas from songs, dialogs of famous cartoon characters are included. For easy navigation, the database is systematized by sections, sections sorted alphabetically. To find the necessary sound, you should pay attention to the appropriate category. Dubsmash application provides the function of using author's sounds: downloaded from the Internet, or recorded with multimedia.

File transfer

The Dubsmash application integrates social network buttons, the user is able to send the created video to friends and subscribers in a single click. The data transfer is done directly, without mediocre cloud storage - the video file is broadcast to messengers, social networks, and website pages. Advantages of the application:
  • Ability to create, short, funny videos without using special editors;
  • Extended set of system sounds;
  • Ability to upload your own music;
  • Correctly translated Russian-language interface, with an intuitive arrangement of buttons;
  • Quickly send the result to friends from the whitelist;
  • Minimum specifications: Android 4.1 OS (subsequent batch upgrades).

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