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Digitronic DGI

Digitronic DGI
Category: Other (System)
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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The Digitronic DGI application allows you to optimize the operation of the vehicle's gas units. A special adapter is used for connection. Synchronization is carried out in automatic mode.


Data transfer is carried out through the corresponding ports on the PC and the vehicle. A large number of models are supported. The interface allows you to conveniently view the type of fuel, the number of cylinders, the parameters of coil operation and much more. It is possible to simplify the transition from gasoline to gas and back. Visual prompts are used.


The main menu of the program allows you to make changes to various modules, as well as to read the current operating parameters. One of the sections allows you to explicitly specify the starting temperature, engine speed, fuel injection scheme. The main setting is carried out automatically, the data loaded from the control unit are taken into account. A separate panel displays a list of all detected errors and a set of recommendations for their elimination. Standard identifiers are used, which allows you to find additional information in the network. The report is provided in a convenient format; there is a function of saving it to a text file. The reference section contains full information about the controls and available functions. All stages of work are considered in detail - connection, initial setup, data reading, error handling. There is a built-in search and a convenient panel with a full list of available categories. Typical errors and ways of their elimination are considered.

Key features

  • the application allows you to customize any model of gas installations;
  • you need to use a special connector for connection;
  • interface in Russian;
  • diagnostic mode with the possibility to get error codes.

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