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Screensaver Factory

Screensaver Factory
Category: Interface
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Screensaver Factory is a Windows software that is distributed on a freeware basis. Its main task is to create screensavers from various media files. For example, you can add animations, videos and images. Here you can also select backgrounds, embed music and customize frame change settings. The application supports the function of recording the screensaver on different removable drives. It is worth noting that the interface is in Russian, and you can install the utility on any current version of the above operating system.

What is the program?

First, you need to download the installation file and run the installation. After waiting for the final download, you can launch the utility. At the first launch, you should select the media content that will be used to create a screen saver. The application supports many formats, so you can launch different media files. You can also add flash animations. The software gives you the opportunity to customize the parameters for displaying pictures and changing frames.

Special effects

This software includes a large number of effects in its assortment. You can also add transitions between frames and choose the best direction to move the pictures on the screen. Users can use the function to add music and create personalized playlists. There you can add the desired songs and incorporate them into your own projects.

How to save?

When the user finishes editing, then he can proceed to install the screensaver screensaver. More project can be saved as an executable file to transfer it to other devices. If desired, you can burn your own work to disk.


  • Ability to download and operate the utility for free;
  • an excellent tool that allows you to create a screen saver from animation, image and video;
  • huge library of special effects and transitions.
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