Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Orbot is a mobile application for the Android operating system that allows you to make anonymous proxy connections on the Internet. The program provides complete anonymity and privacy of your data. The product is designed for Android-based gadgets. Orbot is a mobile analog of the well-known Tor software, which is designed for portable computers.

Orbot features

The main purpose of the program is to provide anonymity for each user on the network. The user also gets the ability to access previously blocked Internet resources. Thanks to the proxy server of the "onion" type, a person can view the necessary information, regardless of whether it is limited in the country of residence or blocked on foreign servers. The possibility of safe web surfing on the network is the main merit of Orbot. Internet snooping, "wiretapping", illegal access to personal documents and contacts, theft of confidential information by intruders all this and much more the mobile application effectively prevents.

Program features

A key feature of the mobile app is full control over self-configured traffic. The user in "universal mode" can redirect the traffic flow or select specific applications that need to pass through Orbot. The Tor-client itself is included with the program. The developers also recommend purchasing the official mobile browser " Orfox ", which uses the source code of "Tor Browser".

Characteristics of the application Orbot

  • The program interface is translated into Russian;
  • secure web surfing on the net, protection against theft, illegal access to user's personal information and privacy of private data;
  • open access, free download and quick installation of the application on devices supporting Android software;
  • additional function to bypass and block unwanted Internet resources, intrusive social networks and spam emails;
  • multi-level traffic encryption;
  • "universal mode", which allows you to independently control the processing of both outgoing traffic in general and application traffic in particular;
  • the application supports the autorun function, which enables the application when the smartphone is turned on.
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