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Category: Antiviruses
System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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ZoneAlarm is a handy Windows application that can be used to create a reliable defense against malicious files and viruses. The firewall can also prevent intruders from intercepting personal data and prevent network attacks on the user's computer. A special feature of this firewall is a separate module that performs background monitoring of user traffic. This allows you to quickly detect the presence of malware. A detailed customization feature is available, which allows you to set criteria for blocking files of a certain type.

Features of protection and antivirus

The program runs in the background, monitoring the activity of all running programs on the computer and the traffic they create. If the activity of a program changes and becomes suspicious, the application can independently block its work and prevent malicious activity. The program also makes working on the Internet much safer by checking each site for security and notifying the user if suspicious traffic or a phishing attack is coming from the site. The built-in antivirus module protects your computer from malware by promptly detecting and removing it. If necessary, you can set up a permanent real-time file scan.


The user can set their own settings, closing network access to certain programs and applications.

Advantages of the program

  • Download and installation are completely free;
  • Convenient and reliable firewall that can quickly detect and block malicious website traffic;
  • Built-in antivirus module provides good protection against malware and adware;
  • The program can be configured independently by specifying the required parameters;
  • The utility can constantly analyze incoming and outgoing network traffic;
  • The program is compatible only with current versions of Windows.
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