Category: Portable devices
System: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 294


Genymobile is a Windows application that is an Android emulator. You can fully run mobile applications and games. It supports debugging mode and the ability to use basic smartphone functions. It is possible to specify the type of device and platform version. For full operation requires a package of virtualization tools VirtualBox, already embedded in the executable.


To access the functionality, you need to create a new account, only a password and email are requested. Next, you need to select a suitable device model - the built-in catalog contains a large number of tablets and smartphones. For convenience, there is a sorting by platform version and screen resolution. At the next step you can specify additional parameters, including the size of RAM. There is an option to activate full-screen mode. After confirming the parameters, the application will download all the necessary files to run the operating system.


The application can be used to launch and test mobile applications. The ability to change the system version and screen resolution allows you to test the software performance under different conditions. In the parameters you can enable the event log, which will allow you to track all errors and notifications. Access to various modules is implemented - Wi-Fi, GPS, phone module and a number of others. The program provides access to debugging tools, including access to ADB commands. It is possible to quickly take a screenshot and record video from the screen.


  • The application allows you to emulate the Android OS;
  • platform version and matrix resolution can be selected;
  • automated application testing function;
  • event log;
  • free download.
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