Category: Antiviruses
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 650


AVZ is a software for Windows devices that can detect dangerous files including Trojans, network worms and keyloggers. It allows you to customize search and treatment settings. The utility has a text translation into Russian.


The utility has more than a dozen different modules that are responsible for detecting dangerous elements. Thanks to them, the application can analyze active processes through a neural network, find hidden keyloggers, check the system registry and much more. In addition, the program is able to gain direct access to blocked data. To find data that threatens system security, a person needs to open the program and select memory areas. The specified storage areas will be checked by the application for dangerous files. If desired, the user can change the search criteria. For example, it is possible to specify the types of files that will be checked by the utility. It is also possible to analyze active processes. It should be noted that the program is able to find threats that are not recognized by other antiviruses. However, the modules responsible for detecting such files can be triggered by mistake. In addition, some tools need to be installed separately.

Results and treatment

After the utility completes the memory scan, the user will receive detailed information about the detected items. The user is allowed to decide what to do with this or that file. If desired, a dangerous element can be erased, ignored or quarantined. Also in the program parameters, you can configure treatment methods in advance for different types of dangerous software.


  • Ability to find and eliminate different types of threats;
  • Free program for modern versions of Windows;
  • Some modules can be installed separately;
  • Allows you to customize scanning parameters.
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