Category: Education and Science
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Quizmaster is a Windows editor responsible for designing surveys and tests. Layouts for different types of tasks are available. Russian translation of the text is available. The free version has limitations.

Creating tasks

After turning on the program, a person can select a test layout from the built-in catalog. Then an editor will open, in which you can compose questions. At the same time, the computer utility supports work with several types of tasks. For example, the user can create a classic test question with answer options or add a text input field. Thanks to the easy-to-use editor, the user is able to complete the test development in the shortest possible time. If necessary, the user can attach various materials to the questions. This includes the ability to add audio files, images and videos. The utility is compatible with the following formats: WAV, BMP, AVI and GIF. When the user completes the development of a survey or test, the program will allow you to take it. After answering all the tasks, the utility generates a report with the number of correct and incorrect answers. It is worth noting that during the process of creating tasks, the user can assign a different number of points to each question. The final number of points is also shown in the report.


The utility generates a separate report for the task creator. Due to this, the user can see how this or that person coped with the tasks. At the same time, you can check not only individual, but also overall results. It is also possible to study the percentage of correct answers for each task.


  • Convenient editor of surveys and tests;
  • Full-featured operation on many versions of Windows;
  • Ability to add images, audio and video;
  • Demo version has reduced functionality.
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