Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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One of the most convenient applications for watching TV over the Internet. IPTV channels, video broadcasting from various popular social networks and services, supports VK, Youtube. LazyIPTV - with the help of this program you can watch a lot of channels and available videos on smartphones and tablets with Android operating system.

Application features

Can read playlist in both packaged and unpackaged format, XSPF or M3U. Can display the playlist in two views during playback, in "tiles" mode - larger and in "icons" mode - small icons. Can receive notifications that a channel is about to start. Restrict control - remove age-inappropriate movies and videos from broadcasts, as well as completely block access to some selected channels. It is possible to view the history, what and when watched, on which channels. You can search for a particular channel, program, video. Create copies of saved playlists, settings and viewing history. Play videos from social networks, Vkontakte, YouTube. In addition to playing videos, you can also listen to radio stations broadcasting on the Internet. The application supports simultaneous operation and switching between several channels or programs. All application settings, lists of channels and favorites can be saved in a separate file, and then, in case of reinstalling the program or transferring files to another smartphone - to resume settings and view your favorite channels in the mode in which you are used to.


LazyIPTV is an application for watching IPTV videos and channels. You can watch on smartphones or tablets over the internet. Channels are not always free, so some broadcast TV programs will have to be paid for. Existing free TV program channels will need to be manually downloaded and set up yourself.

Key features

  • You can stream TV channels to mobile devices;
  • Totally free app, no additional fees to access the settings;
  • Supports Android versions 4 and up;
  • Can remind you in advance about the time of broadcasting a TV program;
  • All channels are downloaded individually, you can add your own with customizations or use paid channels;
  • Works with popular formats XSPF and M3U, as well as with social networks.
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