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System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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Cubase is a professional tool that was created specifically for creating various musical compositions. Thanks to a large set of features and a very simple interface, each user will be able to create a track according to their knowledge and capabilities.

Brief description

The program has a really impressive set of features, which distinguishes Cubase from many competitors. But even despite such a set of functions, the interface does not become overloaded. This allows beginners to integrate smoothly into the system, using only the most basic and simple functions. Later on, by complicating their work and using more specific tools, it is possible to develop their theoretical and practical skills.

Functional features

The program is divided into several separate windows, each of which is designed for its own separate functions. For example, one screen allows you to open the MIDI keyboard, where you can record notes and play them back with any synthesized musical instrument. The second screen allows you to record drums using samples and a visual display of the drum. This is only a small set of possibilities for recording musical instruments. But later you can also process them, adding various effects, changing the frequency range and so on. Recordings can be changed beyond recognition, even if they were recorded with ordinary musical instruments without any additional hardware processing.

Main features

  • The program is designed specifically for creating amateur or professional level music;
  • It is possible to record musical instruments via PC connection or MIDI keyboard with sound synthesizing;
  • There is a possibility to record drums through samples;
  • You can additionally process any recording to create a full-fledged track from it.
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